Jordan Smith

BA (Hons) Automotive and Transport – Innovation on water

Lessen at Anchor, Mediterranean Sea.


A luxury, zero emissions superyacht for the environmentally conscious high net worth individual in the year 2025.

Lessen aims to provide a luxurious Mediterranean experience, including all the amenities you could need for an extended period offshore with both the owner's career and entertainment in mind.
The first 50m catamaran superyacht that relies fully on hydro-power and photovoltaic cells woven into the exterior glass, setting a new norm for future marine lifestyle.
The interior is characterised by an Italian Mediterranean style, with the use of all natural, sustainable and environmentally friendly materials.

About myself…

I have always been interested in everything automotive from a very young age. During my 4 years studying at Coventry University, I have discovered my passion for luxury marine lifestyle, particularly superyacht interiors.

My career aim is to work for a superyacht design consultancy in London or abroad. I was awarded with a 4-month placement at 'Team For Design' in Venice, Italy, however due to the COVID-19 pandemic unfortunately I wasn't able to attend. This has only made me even more driven to achieve my goals as a yacht designer and gain invaluable experience in the maritime industry.

Owners Cabin, Main Living Area.
Owners Cabin, Main Living Area/En-Suite Entrance.
Owners Cabin, En-Suite.
Owners Cabin, Main Living Area.
Owners Cabin, Main Living Area/Outdoor Private Deck.

Jordan Smith

BA (Hons) Automotive and Transport

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