Juyoung Jang

BA (Hons) Automotive and Transport – Autonomy

My name is Juyoung and 25 years old. I am always looking forward to learning and work as exterior/interior designer.

I have been studied in Coventry University for three years and the reason why I decided to study in this course is because I was interested to draw vehicles since I was young. While I was studying in here, it helped me a lot to improve skills of sketch and rendering.

This Mobile Kitchen is a vehicle that reflect the restaurant trends in the future. In my point of view, most of restaurant business can be transferred to mobility service, since recently, many people are running their business in food truck. And there is the situation that can be happened in the future:
Firstly, due to the pandemic like COVID-19, stores are not able to open to prevent from disease spread in community. In this case, restaurant owners are having difficulty and close their stores.
Secondly, these days, due to high inflation, rental fees are keep increasing. With this problem, self-employees are difficult to maintain their stores.
Mobile Kitchen will provide a suitable environment for the users and high technology equipment will improve their lifestyle.