Kamran Sheikh

BA (Hons) Automotive and Transport – Explore and Respond

Student statement:
EMS EVTOL 2040 is an electronic vertical take-off and landing vehicle (EVTOL) marketed to the medical sector, operating within London for the year 2040. The primary function is to transport critical state patients within the golden hour for immediate medical treatment.
As global urbanisation is growing causing road congestion to also increase; thus, having a detrimental effect on ambulance delays. Therefore, my solution will utilise airspace and provide a faster and more direct route to a hospital in critical situations.
The design of the EVTOL is influenced by local London architecture, designing around the themes of; functional, axiomatic, and sculptural.
About me: I am currently looking for a graduate position in the transport design industry. I am motivated by designing tactile and user focused features, therefore interior design as well as CMF fascinates me.