Li Han (Henry) Seow

BA (Hons) Automotive and Transport – Innovation on water

The project is a 100m hybrid diesel-electric superyacht designed to offer the guest the luxurious living experience onboard that will also improve their wellbeing & relaxation, and that it houses a advanced piece of technology.

This project also presents a specialised submersible which is integrated with an advanced scuba diving airlock, designed to allow guest to have a unique diving adventure, as well as visiting & seeing the unchartered sea terrains.

About me:
Since the start of my journey at university, I have focused my attention towards yacht design. After completing numerous yacht-related assignments and yacht project in my leisure time, expanding my knowledge, and polishing my skillset, my passion was further cemented.

For the future I'd like to pursue a career within the Maritime Design Sector, to work as part of a team and develop potential innovative ideas that could one day benefit the industry.

Nautilus 2040: Yacht 3/4 view
Nautilus 2040: Yacht Rear 3/4 view
Nautilus 2040: Top View by Day/Night
Nautilus 2040: Submersible in action
Nautilus 2040: Submersible guest viewing zone