Shreya Sakar Malla

BA (Hons) Automotive and Transport – Explore and Respond

Lead Image

A vehicle that offers a solution to tackle the adverse effect of working in the Isolated, Confined, and Extreme environment (I.C.E), with the aim to provide a "home away from home" experience and modular tool to assist with research.
My future plan is to pursue a career as a CAS modeller. As a design student, I am continuously seeking to learn new and efficient tools and techniques to improve my abilities to understand and transform 2D concepts into 3D forms. I am fascinated by the ever-growing industry and the possibilities that could be achieved with digital modelling.
In 2020, I had the opportunity to work on a collaborative project with Cadiz University where I was the lead CAS modeller. I was fortunate to lead my team to a successful project where we achieve a first-class grade. This experience of working with the industry professional not only helped me progress as a competent CAS modeller but also firmly cemented CAS modelling as my chosen career path.

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