Zhou Li

BA (Hons) Automotive and Transport – Urban systems

My name is Zhou Li. Before doing my final year of study in Automotive and Transport Design, I worked as a product manager for Internet-related software and hardware products for several years, which provided me with a solid understanding of technology. I also worked in a developer team to design and design information systems for new businesses. I am familiar with the development of a product from a consumer to a commercial and business audience.

During my comprehensive work experience, I have experience designing App, H5, Multi-platform, multimedia CMS platform. One of my projects is a smart touch screen that has deployed more than 3000 set across china and accumulate more than 30million users.

I love automotive design, and I always pay attention to new technology. I consider myself a practical innovator. I would love to use my knowledge in information system and the learning in automotive design to push the boundaries of the next generation of smart cockpits that not limited to new technology, new scenarios, even new business model and lifestyle.


Zhou Li

BA (Hons) Automotive and Transport

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