Bahareh Ghazi

BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design

"To be an interior designer it's not only about creating a design, but also how to deliver the design, here our communication skills play a strong role. "
(Bahareh Ghazi)

Bahareh Ghazi from Dubai, UAE
Interior designer graduated from Coventry university, UK.
BA Interior Architecture & Design 2020 -2021

Design knowledge and practice in the university environment and international projects. Interested to engage in teamwork and multi-tasking and passionate about developing management and designing skills. Also, motivated to involve with new design concepts.

Communication skill is my key in society and makes me stand out. Also, by having an interest in designing and let my communication and interaction skills take the flow to show them off.
I always welcome new challenges as that is the reason for keeping myself updated and keep developing.

KML Business Center is a Commercial building built in 2007 in Dubai, UAE.
Purposing a sustainable hotel with 76 bedrooms, 20 business rooms, restaurants, lounge, indoor garden, spa & gym, grocery shop & swimming pool.
Dubai is a hub for tourism and investment and this hotel target the local and international businessmen. As Dubai is a modern and luxury city and famous with hotel industry, it's a golden chance to promote the business hotel with sustainability which led to global awareness.
This hotel made from different range of sustainability methods. Using renewable energy, local materials and biophilic design.
LOBBY- BIOPHILIC DESIGN: Water, wood & greenery beside traditional elements in the heart of hotel create natural and relaxing environment.
STAIRCASE: Above staircase is with LED motion light sensor. The light turns on and off by moving on the stair which gives memorable experience and its inspired by business activities within the hotel as when light is on, we feel awake and active. On other hand, it is sustainable as the light is on only when in use. In addition, staircase can be waiting or gathering area well.
CONFERENCE ROOM : Despite of most of conference rooms design idea with sharp and solid colours, this conference room design concept is biophilic by using earthy colours, natural wood and using roman marble which gives the expression of UAE dessert.
BEDROOM: Vertical garden in the bedroom with scented mild fragrance flowers gives a unique and exciting experience to guest as well as relaxing.
SHADED SITTING AREA: As Dubai climate is sunny most of the time in a year, so it is important to create shaded sitting area as well. Above is inspired by desert sand dune. And made from polyester which same has been used in badawi tent, so when wind blows those fibre move and dance which gives the same feeling of the desert sand dune.