Hana Rilje

BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design

My name is Hana Rilje, and I will present you with my last University project. While preparing this intro, I took a path down memory lane, recollecting my experiences and life-altering moments that brought me to where and who I am now. This project sums up my knowledge of interior design gained over my University years, and the Mediterranean aesthetics that was my constant companion during my upbringing in Croatia.
Dalmacijavino modernist grade 2 listed building constructed by Stanko Fabris and build in 1959. The building was a vine and soft drink factory converted into a proposed four-story cruise terminal. The building features public areas such as a gift shop, agency booths, Dalmacijavino exhibition, wine tasting bar and wine cellar shop, performance and arrivals atrium and lastly, the rooftop bar and restaurant.
For passenger use only, it features check-in, security check, passengers atrium with duty-free shop, restaurant and bars, as well as, private lounge, embarkation lounge and luggage claim. The end users are cruise passengers whose aim is to provide a safe boarding and arrival and locals who would enjoy the view from the building and building history in a new light.

Dalmacijavino Sections
Physical model
Detail drawing of a seagull parametric wall
Dalmacijavino cruise terminal reception
Ground floor technical drawing