Born and raised in a cultural and historical city, Solo, Indonesia, with a multicultural background and experience, help me to become a creative and open-minded person. The combination of curiosity towards human society and nature inspires and encourages me to move forward in creation.

I am a highly reliable, hardworking, and enthusiastic individual in terms of working, who able to work in a challenging and fast-paced environment. The experience during my college industry project for a client showed me that I have good leadership qualities and worked well as a team player. I am also a fast-learner who willing to learn new skills and determined to create the best possible solution for every space.

Foodtopia is a culinary education centre for Indonesian youths to collaborate and learn about culinary, which will increase knowledge and innovation between the users while promoting their food heritage in various forms of cuisine with spatial concept called “in-between”, where the boundary between two contradictory thing is blurry. It represents open boundaries and creates a shift of space using a visual and physical boundary.

Jose Manuel Arisputra

BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design

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Jose Manuel Arisputra Lead Image