Natasha Kurniawati

Raffles College of Higher Education Singapore

My name is Natasha. I just completed my degree in interior design at Raffles College of Higher Education Singapore, partnering with Coventry University in the United Kingdom. As an interior designer, I’m a hardworking and ambitious individual. I have a great passion for the interior design industry that helps me to achieve the best results. The creativity that I have established myself to solve a problem using a creative approach.

My final major project is a sensory intergenerational day care centre for children and elderly in Malang, Indonesia called Miles of Smiles. This day care centre provides interactive spaces that produce a meaningful multi-sensory experience by engaging the seven basic human senses. Sensory experiences create memorable reactions that influence people’s mood, behaviour, and well-being. Active and collaborative spaces also encourage more movement and empower generations to work together, which influences their physical and mental development. It also focuses on happiness and well-being thereby improving creativity, productivity, and help people to respect personality differences and make people’s daily lives more enjoyable and convenient. Moreover, this day care incorporates natural environment that can positively influence psychological, physical, and social well-being and gives a therapeutic experience.

This project is the bonding that these children and elderlies could develop. It gives opportunity to both generations to establish themselves through training and interactions between generations in a sensory design environment. After all, despite the age gap, combining children and the elderly under one roof would positively influence both generations.

Natasha Kurniawati

BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design

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