Rabiyah Malik

BSc (Hons) Architecture

The Arched Centre

Before the concrete era, Coventry was full of farmland and a thriving agricultural sector that dates back to the 1900s, where the economy was booming and deprivation was seemingly low, it established a community that was able to provide for themselves and others. However, as the industrial age grew Coventry's imports increased and exports decreased with the additional shortages of green spaces. Presently, we are experiencing extreme climate change and are now realising the need for self-sustainability with a lesser need to consume and increase our own produce. This project aims to bring back the farmland and agricultural values into the city and tackle economic, social and environmental deprivations. Through developing urban strategies and a sound building proposal, the project aims to improve Education, Economy and Health and well-being for the people of Spon End, providing an understanding of a circular economy to reuse materials and reduce wastage. The project hopes to establish a change for a healthier and sustainable lifestyle for the environment, whilst improving deprivation issues amongst each age group.

I am interested in how we can design spaces that are enhanced by sustainable design, in order to create carefully considered spaces that will ensure a positive impact on the health and well-being of its user. As an artistic individual, these spaces are then enhanced by creative designs through exploring materiality and form, where I am eager to learn about the impacts of new design techniques. I am interested in investigating the global trend of reducing carbon emissions through sustainable and passive design methods whilst improving well-being and increasing energy efficiency of the building.
Massing Diagram and Access Routes
Ground Floor Plan with Axonometric Diagram
South Detail with 3D Model
Environmental Diagram
East Perspective Elevation