Benjamin DeSouza

BA (Hons) Digital Media

I am Benjamin DeSouza, a 'Digital Media' student at Coventry University aspiring to continue pushing my creative digital boundaries. Having had a strong passion for the creative digital world from an early age, I knew I found the right course when I discovered this course.

During my four years studying here I have enhanced my creative skills and confidence in a variety of University projects and placements. I always love the journey of creative projects, watching them grow from mere concepts to fully fledged digital media assets and "5-A-Side Finder" was no exception. Having experienced the problem of having a limited range of players to play with or against, I knew an idea to network like-minded casual football players together was waiting to be realised.

I took a major risk with the project as it involved learning a variety of new techniques and software which I wasn't sure I could grasp at first. Nevertheless, I pursued through the snags and faults and figured out the necessary elements to bring this project to life. My time studying at Coventry University has been an amazing experience and I am so happy to share my project.

Finding new eager 5-a-side players and teams is just a swipe away with the 5-A-Side Finder app! Get connecting and get playing!