Whether I liked it or not, I’ve stuck out like a freakishly large thumb, ever since I muttered the words “-AND ACTION!” on my first birthday.

*Cough* Well... that was a very cliché and untruthful opener, I just wholeheartedly knew I didn’t want to do what the rest of the crowd were doing; aka starting a career in something they weren’t devoted to.

Without everything digital, my dominant personality trait (being creative) would just... vanish. Everything I’ve ever imagined and created, was a product of several years of sitting alone, discovering new technologies, trends, stories, humour and avoiding the status quo.

So hey, my name’s Jana and all I can say is, as soon as my projects got recognized as my own distinctive style, I unconditionally fell in love with digital media as a life-long hobby/ career.

Without hesitation, I can proudly say that I present content in a way rarely seen these days; Bizarre, witty and audience captivating. If you’re looking to catch a quick laugh, embark on some sort of journey and avoid a snooze fest, you’ve come to the right place... :D