Louis Brooker

BA (Hons) Digital Media

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Tipping. Something that we've all experienced However it has become so normalised that we've stopped questioning what really happens with our money. Tipping is no longer the choice of the customer but an obligation that, due to lack of government regulation, can be used in any way by management. Thats where Gratuity comes in!

Gratuity is a digital solution to the countries tipping problem as it gives the power back to the customer. Gratuity allows you to choose exactly how much and to whom you would like to tip using its app. The app features a venue selection system, Staff member selection with a fully flexible amount selection, and finally, a multi option payment system allowing you to pay in app or by using a Gratuity contactless scanner. The app puts the decision making of where a tip should go purely down to the customer. If its a specific waiter or the whole kitchen team, Gratuity allows you to make the call.

Working alongside a website as well to help educate the population on the ethics behind tipping and standing as the representation for what Gratuity truly stands for.

Gratuity is the digital solution for modern tipping, your way

The aim of the app Gratuity is to give a digital solution to the countries tipping problems. Allowing you to select exactly where and how you would like your tip split up whilst also taking the power out of the bosses hands. We want to give you the power of your own tip however much it may be. Let tipping be your choice, your Gratuity.
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