Bianca-Andreea Ivan

BA (Hons) Games Art

My name is Bianca-Andreea Ivan, but I can usually be found online under the name of Whyte or Andi. I am an aspiring Character Concept Artist and Illustrator from Romania, currently based in Coventry, UK. For the longest time my main hobby and interest have been video games, which is why I wish to work on them myself someday. While story and game play have always been aspects of a game that enhance my experience when I play them, time and again I found myself being mostly drawn to the characters and their unique designs.
Character design is currently my passion, however prop and weapon design are a close second. I enjoy creating characters whose designs tell a story even before you are able to interact with them and I hope to be able to one day create such characters for games that will be played by other people like me.

Story and gameplay are always elements which attract gamers, but for me it was the character designs which always caught my attention. Because of that I am now fully committed to creating compelling characters whose stories one can glean from their designs alone and I hope to be able to one day do that in a professional workspace.