Borislava Peeva

BA (Hons) Illustration and Animation

Nestinarka Craft Beer packaging

My name is Borislava Peeva and I am a graphic designer and illustrator. In my work, I try to implement my love for details and sense of harmony achieved through colour. I am strong at illustration and always do a part of my projects by hand with either digital or traditional mediums. I want to create something that is pretty and at the same time useful for people.

For my final major project, I developed two branding and promotional campaigns. One for a craft beer company named "Nestinarka", and other for a tea music festival "The Essence of the Butterfly". My graphic design skills improved and I managed to illustrate some of the packaging as well.

Additionally, I never stop drawing. I created an illustrated calendar for 2021 full of the possible adventures awaiting oneself through the year and a short comic book written around the theme of Happiness and how differently it can be perceived.

Nestinarka Craft Beer packaging
Tea Music Festival packaging
Tea Music Festival brochure
Illustrated calendar for 2021
Silver Lining Comic Book