Eleanor Loseby

BA (Hons) Illustration and Animation

Bandyman and the Night Night Circus Book Cover

My name is Eleanor Loseby, I am a freelance illustrator from Leicester, UK specialising in children's books. My style tends to consist of a mix of colorful watercolour paintings, fun messy flourishes and digital painting. To me, art is a way of freeing myself from all the challenges in life and entering a sense of creative flow that can only be achieved through playful, artistic mess. I love working with a mix of both traditional and digital methods because it allows me to have full creative freedom while maintaining a polished and professional look. My work has been published in children's books about mental wellness and in 2020 I published my book "Dawn", an illustrative workbook for eating disorder recovery.

I create artwork to make people smile and bring joy - after all, if you are going to create something, why not make it happy?
Little Houses for Little People
Bandyman in the dark
A little girl and her books
The Bear and the Butterfly
Gertie and his Trapeze