Fuhuan Luo

BA (Hons) Illustration and Animation

Hi, I'm Fuhuan Luo, a freelance illustrator born in China and currently based in UK. Before studying Illustration and Animation in university, I was focused more on using traditional mediums like acrylic paints, ink, chalk and charcoal. My work have all different kinds of subjects and styles, but back then most of them were portraits of plants or animals, which I was not satisfied with. So during third year of university, I found my passion for video game concept art since drawing and gaming are my biggest hobbies. This is a new field to me but I will strive hard to learn and practice; to achieve my dream career and work as a concept artist for big game company. I want to see my designs in games that everyone plays.

If you are interested in my other work:



red church (postcard mockup)
cat ronin (character design)
water bus (environment design)
character designs