Marianna Vikentiou

BA (Hons) Illustration and Animation

An Illustration I created to celebrate the new year

Hello there! My name is Marianna Vikentiou. I am illustrator and aspiring animator from Cyprus. Inspired by many of the stories from books and films that I grew up with, especially in the fantasy genre, my work typically consists of quite colourful and stylized 2D illustrations, with a sense of whimsy that includes subtle shading, solid linework and sometimes a little bit of texture. I like to use a combination of both traditional and digital illustration, depending on the piece I am working on. For my traditional work, my preferred medium is watercolours and photoshop for my digital work.

I find joy in creating fun and unique characters that could be used in storytelling to enhance the narrative and create something that all viewers will enjoy!

I decided to attend Coventry University to further develop my skills in illustration while also gaining an introduction to animation, as being able to actually bring your characters to life has always fascinated and inspired me to grow as a creator and become the most versatile artist I can be.

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This is one of the illustrations I created for my project on happiness which I wanted to add a fantasy twist to. Sometimes all you need is to spend a little time with your animal companion, or in this case, a pet dragon!
Another illustration for my happiness project: A Bard enjoying some magical music while surrounded by nature, in a whimsical forest.
Even the biggest of brutes caan have a soft side. For my happiness project, here is a viking who enjoys collecting flowers.
The Adventures of Joey is a story series that I have wanted to create ever since I was little, as it is based off of the bedtime stories my grandmother would make up, when my brother and I were kids. Last year I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to write and illustrate the first one for one of my university projects, and these are some of the mock ups I made for it.
Another addition to my happiness series previously mentioned. A witch taking some time to try out a new recipe for some baked goods, rather than her usual potions.