Pui Kwan Wan

BA (Hons) Illustration and Animation

Hello, my name is Pui Kwan Wan (or Jasmine for short) and I am an illustrator from Hong Kong and currently based in the UK. I specialise in making character based narrative illustrations inspired by my observations and personal experience of daily life and elements that interest me such as human emotion, culture, and social issues. I also like to produce animated GIFs of my illustration to visualise the concepts with expressive movement and unique visuals. My work features a simplistic yet colourful style which was inspired by the aesthetic of comics and concept art. I love to use saturated palettes when expressing different moods in the illustration. Also, storytelling is a crucial part of my work, since I like to use metaphors combined with vivid characters and create surrealistic images to convey a concept in a fun and quirky way. With the passion to enter the creative industry as a freelance illustrator, I hope to keep learning and improve my skills in creating appealing visuals that can resonate with people and be ideal for various creative projects such as for editorial, advertising and more.
To see more of my work, you can visit my website or my Instagram.

Visual responds illustration - Break the ice
Editorial illustration series - The masked era
Editorial illustration series - The masked era