Adam Stockbridge

BA (Hons) Fine Art and Illustration

Simply put, I create things. Whether that be content, brands, artwork, promotional videos for chocolate flavoured milk that make it look like a cool and edgy whiskey brand..
You name it, I'll make something cool.

I'm currently a final year student at Coventry University studying a degree in Fine Art and Illustration. I've always been a "creator" - you can even go back to my preschool books and find tonnes of these tiny doodles scribbled around the edges of my work. I like drawing and making marks; a pencil is just ergonomically suited to our hands, and I'm just comfortable and used to holding one. Don't ask me why, but I even went through a stage of using only Ikea pencils - they're free and work really well as a basic art supply, trust me. I once read online that Ikea "don't disapprove of customers that put them to other uses such as craft projects or works of art", so that's a relief. It's great to see the world's largest furniture retailer so supportive of the art community, you know?

I even went through a stage of using only Ikea pencils
For my final project, I created a brand called Choccy Milk. A parody of all that edgy overly-"masculine" alcohol advertising, all while promoting chocolate milk