Jhenell Angus

BA (Hons) Fine Art and Illustration

In The Shadows

My name is Jhenell, I am a Nottingham based artist/illustrator who mainly works digitally to create relatable and engaging illustrations. My work captures the everyday moments and actions that we all take part in. We often focus our attention on major life-changing events like marriage, university etc and forget how much our lives are shaped by the little things we do. I want to bring attention to these moments and show universal the human experience is. We sometimes forget that other people go through similar experiences to our own, and I believe that the more we can relate to others the easier it will be to connect with different groups. It is important for me to represent Black and other ethnic minority characters in my work as their stories are often overlooked or used in ways that perpetuate stereotypes. My art aims to place these characters in lead roles that show them as multifaceted individuals who have more to their characters than just their race, however not ignoring that aspect of their character.