Joshua Mahan

BA (Hons) Fine Art and Illustration

This is the second painting of my final project series about identity.

I am a concept artist whose work is greatly inspired by contemporary animated tv, such as Steven Universe, Hilda, and Adventure Time. Depression and anxiety have been consistent themes throughout my practice; much like the animations that inspire me I like to tell layered stories with a whimsical, bright, and colourful style. Working with gouache and coloured pencil helps me bring a bold, digital style into the real world.

My final major project centres around themes of identity and depression; rediscovering who you are after having everything is stripped away. You can view the whole project on my spark page.

This is the seventh painting from my final project series.
This is the painting for my Penguin Student Design Award 2021 submission. I entered the adult non-fiction category, The Uninhabitable Earth.
This is the eighth painting in my final project series.
This is part of my Finnish Folklore series, depicting the Firefox creating the northern lights.
This is the ninth painting in my final project series.