BA (Hons) Fine Art

Welcome to the Fine Art Degree Show 2021.

Firstly, I want to congratulate the students for creating the lively, engaging and varied artwork that I warmly and proudly present to you here. This is the culmination of three years study and students have honed their art practices while expanding their discipline knowledge. The show includes work that is performative, playful, material, image based and conceptual, exploring both the abstract and poetic, the mind and body, the physical and ephemeral. It questions subjectivities and identities, recreates memories, celebrates cultures, revisions histories and proposes alternate narratives. It has been arrived at through focused experimentation and dialogue within a network of peers, staff and wider cultural partners. Despite two years of disruption due to the pandemic these students have maintained their ambitions and confidence, demonstrating an admirable determination to find connection with others through their creativity. Well done to you all, you’ve been a fabulous group! You’ve shown dedicated commitment and can be proud of your achievements. I’ve enjoyed working with each of you and value our shared conversations and experiences. I wish you the very best with your future plans, take care and keep in touch.