Bintu Benson

BA (Hons) Fine Art

Bintu Oluwakemi Antinuke Sofian Benson
Artist Statement (2021)

My work originates from fine drawings and paintings. This style has been a signature of my art for some years. Through the influence of media and various images of different artistic currents and popular culture, my paintings changed to creating collages and displaying them in various mix media forms.
In my recent work, I have been focusing on my culture and identity in art. I would like to start this statement, therefore, by explaining the reason for choosing Gold, Texture and Patterns in my art practice.
Before I studied Fine Art at Coventry University I knew almost nothing about the idea of having your own form of art. My interest in gold was always there but I never knew how to use it in my art practice. I have now learnt this from different contemporary artists, such as El Anatsui, in which their culture and identity are embedded. It enabled me to understand and find myself as an emerging artist.
When I started working with patterns, texture and Gold I was optimistic about the prospect of combining my culture, my identity with mix-media and other mediums.

There are several ways to introduce my work.
It is a celebration of my culture and tradition.
It is a pattern of my forgotten language.
It is my history…. West Africa.
Ventilator and Patterns
Title: Culture of Patterns