Marcos Sevilla Martín

BA (Hons) Fine Art

As a visual artist, I find my studio work to be fitted between the spectrum of Illustration and Fine Arts practices. The pieces I make are deeply characterised by the usual appearance of original characters, based on social stereotypes and clichés, which mostly come from the culture that predominates my surroundings and my personal experience. These "late motives", distinguished by their caricature and sort of grotesque style, generally star the pieces I create, which tend to express and narrate different social issues, current events and costumbrist situations that concern me as part of that group of the society, but not with and active role inside those specific cases. As one of my most influential artist referent, John Currin, said, "instead of being critical–just mock ... do a caricature of it"; that is the tone that prevails the aim of my work, to show serious issues in a humorous, dry and ridiculous way; to showcase the critical part with irony and mockery without undercovering the real situation.

Page extract of my Zine "Las cosas de Saray", visible at
Illustration for the competition "Versiona Thyssen" 2020
Illustration no.4, part of a series of 5 pieces, with their respective AR versions visible through their QR code.