Ryan Christopher

BA (Hons) Fine Art

Christopher's practice explores the poetics of ellipsis and relation through fragmentary narratives.
Imbued with a bond to the peripheral and the hidden, the work communes with emancipatory thought, thinking through formal concerns in relation toTheological Anthropology, and postcolonial theory.
He works within the confluence of Diasporic collectivities and poetic knowledge - a shifting ecosystem of perpetual renewal, communion and creolisation. Where otherness and unknowns unsettle modes of oppressive domination.
We are given fragments; bodies and systems extended in relation, peripheries made central, images dense with the inconspicuous and the irrational, the obscure and the ordinary. It is work that identifies with life.

Ideas often result from research, and chance encounters with objects, materials,and images -these ideas materialisethroughsculpture, moving image, painting, drawing, and whatever else seems relevant.
Within these formations, creolised and dependent, the work becomes a site of unsuspected possibilities, where muted spectacles makeconnections between'the Body of Christ', Horticulture, Antillean literature and reflective film.

'Now it is a matter of seizing and admiring a new art, which while leaving humanity in its true place – fragile and dependent – opens up to the artist unsuspected possibilities however, in the very spectacle of things ignored and silenced.'
- Suzanne Césaire