Foundation Diploma Art, Design & Media

Re-boot: to start up again after closing or shutting down // to start something anew: to refresh by creating a new start or new version.

Shifting between digital and physical domains, and questioning key concepts relating to life over the last year, the work in this exhibition makes a statement about current transitions; rethinking, restarting and reinventing. Exploring identity, communication, virtual and physical space and place, the work produced is creative, exciting and diverse.

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To the exhibition production team, thanks for working so hard on behalf of your cohort to produce the promotional material & managing our social media.  

Special thanks to the technical teams for supporting our students in the workshops, without which, much of this work would not have been realised.

Finally, to the class of 2020/21, congratulations, it has been a pleasure to work with you, watch you develop and experience life with you in these most challenging of times. Thank you, for putting up with the glitching, your flexibility in dealing with all the changes we’ve faced and for approaching your foundation year with such positivity. We wish you every success as you start something new next year.

Team Foundation X