Ruby Enwonwu

Foundation Diploma Art, Design & Media

digital collage made up of photos of paper african mask

My work is an attempt at analysing and dissecting the relationship between western and African art. Throughout my artistic education, I have been taught a very Eurocentric view of art despite the amount of influence that African art has had over the western world. In my final major project I wanted to explore this relationship but through a more personal lense relating to my conflicted artistic identity and the work of my granddad, a Nigerian artist who employed both Igbo and Christian imagery. The challenge in doing this was make sure my content was centred on me and my experiences and not just the history of art. I mainly stuck to black and white imagery to explore the contrast and overlap is western and African art in a visual way and to force myself to focus more on shapes and silhouettes (something that is prominent in African art). I focused on zines as a medium, to begin with, because I was interested in their history of being used to bypass gatekeeping in the art world and spread political messages. I later moved onto animation because of my personal interest in this medium and my plans to study it.

Going on to : Arts University Bournemouth: BA Hons Animation Production
self portrait - animation
self portrait - animation
animation zine